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Thursday, 10 December 2009

President Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize_History and Peace Making

Obama delivered a Nobel acceptance speech that he saw as a treatise on the use and prevention of war. He crafted much of the address himself and the scholarly remarks — at about 4,000 words — were nearly twice as long as his inaugural address.

Obama refused to renounce war for his nation or under his leadership, saying defiantly [defensively, as in defense of his policy?] that "I face the world as it is" and that he is obliged to protect and defend the United States.

"A nonviolent movement could not have halted Hitler's armies.

Negotiations cannot convince al-Qaida's leaders to lay down their arms," Obama said.

"To say that force is sometimes necessary is not a call to cynicism, it is a recognition of history."

The president laid out the circumstances where war is justified — in self-defense, to come to the aid of an invaded nation and on humanitarian grounds, such as when civilians are slaughtered by their own government or a civil war threatens to engulf an entire region.

"The belief that peace is desirable is rarely enough to achieve it," he said.

"No matter how justified, war promises human tragedy," he said. "some will kill, some will be killed."

But he also stressed the need to fight war according to "rules of conduct" that reject torture and other methods. And he emphasized the need to exhaust alternatives to violence, using diplomatic outreach and sanctions with teeth to confront nations such as Iran or North Korea that defy international demands to halt their nuclear programs or those such as Sudan, Congo or Burma that brutalize their people.

"Let us reach for the world that ought to be," Obama said. "We can understand that there will be war, and still strive for peace."

Full speech as referenced below :

"But he also stressed the need to fight war according to "rules of conduct" that reject torture and other methods. And he emphasized the need to exhaust alternatives to violence, using diplomatic outreach and sanctions with teeth to confront nations such as Iran or North Korea that defy international demands to halt their nuclear programs or those such as Sudan, Congo or Burma that brutalize their people. "Let us reach for the world that ought to be," Obama said. "We can understand that there will be war, and still strive for peace.""
- Print Story: Obama defends US wars as he accepts peace prize - Yahoo! News (afficher sur-read on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Extraordinary musical instrument video and other videos of interest

This highly technical, musical and creative-fun video "Extraordinary musical instrument" was drawn to my attention and added to my talent list on the vertical menu bar. Pity I do not know who the author is in order to respect the Talented People focus of this list.

During my search for the link, which I found on YouTube, I came across a number of other videos of the same type perhaps not quite so talented?

Also the YouTube visit brought me to a series of language learning videos, in this case it was the french language. I expect there are other languages available. "Serendipity again

Try the following key word search:YouTube, learn languages, videos. That should do the trick.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Money saving_Recycled-re-used, corrugated carboard packaging from a well known producer of tiny aluminium coffee capsules

More than 25-30 euros saved, by Re-using Corrugated Cardboard.

This small but highly effective tip arose, stimulated by my latest and perhaps last investment in sport trainers. Incidentally they are the most expensive of all my foot-ware; dress shoes casuals or sports gear and what have you.

My last trainers, in the short distance running or when walking, as usual, wore out, ripped, the internal textile heal covering, exposing flimsy padding and the standard very rigid plastic heal "support". This damage makes short work of socks and skin alike. The rest of the trainers of a well known brand, were "as new" and normally would have been thrown in the bin.

Now don't say I just pull off my trainers any old way and that it serves me right... Wrong, I care for my footwear and my budget.

Before I pronounced their death sentence and feeling that if my new ones last no longer than the previous ones, I would regret my over-optimistic purchase.

I took a last look and saw plainly that they needed a quick fix, cheaper than any my cobbler would wish to do and more robust than elastoplast. Well, I had just thrown out the Nespresso, 1mm thick, corrugated cardboard packaging.

(NB. My Nespresso machine was a gift, otherwise I would never have supported such a wasteful process. Now if you feel "Nessy" have taken their recycling process to heart please say so, but I had a quick look. Good "coms." for snobs, but a truly slimley motivated case in the face of any professional who has been involved with high integrity materials subjected to the highest quality standards. Admittedly-no production, means no need to recycle or re-use. )

Save your trainers -The solution: Cut a small rectangle of such corrugated cardboard, sized to the internal area your trainer to cover the damaged area of the trainer. I used the 1mm thick corrugated 'Nespresso' cardboard. Following an hour and a half strenuous walk, the trainers were perfectly comfortable and my socks and Achilles tendon saved. I expect to get a couple of more years walking from my older trainers.

Two pairs of trainers for the price of one, plus an expected life extension for both my older trainers and the new ones.

While this rapidly expanding Swiss company struggles to sort out it's recycling-re-use, practice. (as opposed to the com).,

Google: nespresso, capsules, recycle.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Disclaimer, This blog has not relation with any sectarian philosophy or religious belief nor adhere to such. It regrets Scientologists publicity


Disclaimer, This blog has not relation with any sectarian philosophy or religious belief nor does it adhere to such. It regrets for example the frequent publicity in favour of the Scientology movement.

Conversations-on-Innovations: Twitter presence and Create your own twitter logo.

Conversations-on-Innovations: Twitter presence and Create your own twitter logo.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Un poetic_Blocked momentarily for so-called Spam. Let-off the hook-Re-instated. And 3 cheers for Sue Boyle she is not screaming about her copyrights

To my surprise I discovered, that in the last few days, the present blog had been flagged as Spam! 20 days to sort things out. (luckily for me it was not July or August holiday period) Not the slightest indication of what to look for, certainly not Spam, I truly believed.

Much of this blog is my own poetry on science by a scientist(me) and all my recommendations are heart felt freely given. I try to echo freely, with of course AdSense support for interested viewers, other work of a similar nature.

* Spam. In this forum, we're all responsible for keeping the community spam-free. Spam includes, but is not limited to, any promotional, commercial, or adult content, multiple instances of the same post, posts with URLs unrelated to the question, and the transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others.
ref. Blogger Help cf below.

On a second look I found that a couple of videos of famous signers had been blocked, one was the unfortunately deceased Jeff Buckley singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah". I wonder who gets the free publicity revenue?

The other was a James Blunt video and song, whom I still appreciate. Both of course got a tiny piece of free publicity and of course neither they not nor their producer appear to be in any dire need even in the present crisis. I do know of many of whom one can not say the same thing. I wonder who should apologise to whom. I will say more about my own professional work and patent and copyright treatment in a separate post.

* Violent or bullying behaviour. Don't threaten, harass, or bully other users. This includes using profanity to abuse others. ref Blogger Help. [reminder to the platform owner and robots.]

Indeed my own materials may be copied and put to music. Such is the big wide world and my own meagre protection that I would get no consideration whatsoever. Indeed I would be pleased if some blog readers or copyright trigger happy souls put some music to my own original poems.

I shall up-date a link or two such is the never ending nature of human frailty or the universality of some themes often better spotted by the poetic approach than the logical or legal one perhaps? (repeat under-score, underline emphasis, make material as accessible as possible.)

My recent Google Analytics study shows that 80% of my visitors (all sites) are newcomers and time spent is in line with our zapping society - short visits. Must try and do better, I guess.

* Spam. In this forum, we're all responsible for keeping the community spam-free. Spam includes, but is not limited to, any promotional, commercial, or adult content, multiple instances of the same post?, posts with URLs unrelated to the question, and the transmission of malware, viruses, or anything that may disrupt service or harm others. ref as above.

I identified myself as soon as I read my mail and have since been re-instated. So bye bye Jeff (RIP), Leonard and James so much for web incitation to give your personal tastes favourite signers, songs and what have you. I wish I had not been so up-set and noted the copyright complaint origin. Hope Sue Boyle will get in touch directly . My heart felt good wishes to Sue.

The copyright issue has been well argued by the Scots creator of Napster way back.

(All my time is taken up by my blogging and managing my blog in order to " break even", Some Day, as the song goes. )

My current earnings since last May 2009 with seven blogs stands at 66 euros, I have change today from my US $ account which stands at 95$ and am looking forward to my second payment. We all need to be motivated. I would have changed to local currency earlier if it had been stated at the outset that payment criteria would not alter. Changing from one money to another has never been one of my preoccupations. Earning money certainly has been through-out. Naturally a strong currency is more reassuring especially if your personal project is to globetrot and and "glob-rot? Think about that latter word.

I was retired as of 31 Dec 2008 and am struggling to come to terms with this new status.

Find something worth fighting for?

All Blogger Help Recommendations: comments welcomed. I hope my remarks help all in need.

PS my copyrights!

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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Glory Liu sings the Nanosong. Strong competition for Susan Boyd? Introduces a neat video and nanotech website from ACS-American Chemistry Society

Definitely Science in disguise.

The Nano Song

Thanks to a link on twitter from IOM3 webmaster. Thanks Richard. Great fun and more resources.

Follow the links on the page for an impressive list of short videos (less than 5mns) Introducing Nanotechnology due to ACS the American Chemical Society's Nanotation website and video competition.

A Few sample video links in the ACS competition series:

1. Introductory Video by Dan Graham

2. Warning on misuse by the Nano-everywhere Advertisers

3. The buzz, social impact of nanotechnology - nanowiki #4 From:Victor Puntes

4. History, Nanoparticles before Nanotechnology

Many more resources on the RHS (right hand side ) Nanosong menu bar:

Centres, People, Products...

More choices of videos called "Nanopicks" categorised by "most commented", "best av. rating",
by ACS appointed expert the top drop-down menu "Nanopicks"

Good viewing.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Swine flu up-date from the Journal Nature

Surveillance is not just academic; it is key to getting early warnings of events that call for swift adaptations of control strategies.

"Swine flu is currently sensitive to the antiviral drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu), for example, but seasonal H1N1 is resistant. Were the new virus to acquire resistance, that would render redundant the Tamiflu stockpiled by many nations as part of their pandemic plans.

New flu strains are more likely to arise in equatorial countries, where influenza is present the year round and surveillance is poor," reports D. Butler.

My comment: Indeed surveillance does appear to have been efficient in developed countries despite scepticism from surprising quarters as to the seriousness of this flu alert . Many people to whom I spoke, normally considered intelligent people, perhaps trying to be even smarty smart or carry on Biz and leasure as usual, felt this was just a government(s) ploy to distract attention from current economic woes. How quickly people forget such events as Mad Moo which was a horrendous way to leave the planet. And how many of us up-hold bad practice.

My reading is that in these cases (at least since the blood contamination scandale or again in Tchernobyl radiation spread, not to mention a few conveniently forgotten or not yey uncovered issues) the authorities in developed countries acted appropriately, in a responsible manner, and hopefully will continue to do so, more and more. But public awareness does require to be sharpened and protection is never total in this life! That politicians are "afraid of public fears" does not say much in favour of our "developed education system" when good advice is taken as bad!

Less developped countries should certainly take heed and take resonsible appropriate action.

In Scots
"Wee, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie, " O, what a panic's in thy breastie!
In English
Small, sleek, cowering, timorous beast,O, what a panic is in your breast!

from R. Burns poem "To a Mouse"

Less developped countries should certainly take heed and take responsible appropriate action. Sometimes it pays to be scared.

Full story from Nature News Alerts by Declan Butler
Published online 27 May 2009 Nature 459, 490-491 (2009) doi:10.1038/459490a

Monday, 25 May 2009

Susan Boyle sings Memories_Her latest Top Talent Video

Susan Boyle's latest video has been added to my "Un-known - Top talent video list"

Vote for Sue, Scottish singing talent of the year 2009.

Here competing on Barbara Streisand's home ground Sue's voice wavered at the start of her performance but recovered as she gained confidence. Then who would not be overwhelmed by Streisand's original performance?

Susan Boyle signs Memories Top-Talent 2009

Monday, 18 May 2009

Quantum Lyrics by A Van Jordan

I have just discovered the work of A. Van Jordan and his book Quantum Lyrics from which I have posted extracts in the preceding posts. I feel that this work deserves a little more review space on my pages and have cut and pasted a very good review by Kevin Winter from Amazon Books website.

"In Quantum Lyrics, A. Van Jordan takes the reader on a ride they won't soon forget. In his collection full of lyricism, imagery, and history, Mr. Jordan examines math and science and how they relate to what it means to be human. Most of the poems settle around Einstein, and how he viewed his contributions to society - how he, Einstein, viewed human relationships from when he first got married, to the night he dreamed about his famous equation. Two poems dealing with Richard Feynman lectures, and a couple of poems about comic book heroes, the Flash and the Green Lantern are absolute joys to read. This is a unique collection of prose that take you on a journey of discovery, a journey of self-discovery. The conversations between Einstein and his future wife are interesting, for it shows how even a genius like Einstein had trouble relating to his wife, and readers may find of particular interest Einstein's love letter to his future wife, Mileva Maric. This is a book for those who love both a mixture of science and poetry and highly recommended."

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

Looking forward to reading this book soon.

The Heart and Mind of Physics - Broken Symmetrics

Broken Symmetrics
by A. Van Jordan from his book Quantum Lyrics,
Inspired by Richard P. Feynman Lecture, Broken Symmetrics

Symmetry walks between two worlds. To the hands it tries to
touch us from either side; to the feet, it simply wants us not to
stumble but to saunter; and to the heart, it gives as much as it
takes. Protons have neutrons; matter has antimatter. It's all a
negotiation of will, a charade of dominance and submission, and
we play like adults play with memories of our youth. We believe
that love is equal to hate, but nothing is perfectly symmetrical.
Why, for example, does the earth orbit elliptically, as if these old
hands had drawn the path, instead of following an elegant circle.

In the city of Nikko, Japan, stands the Yomei-mon gate.
Elaborate in design, the gate has princes and lions and nymphs
and other elements carved in -- what appears to be, at least --
perfect symmetry. But, if you look closely, you'll notice that one
of the princes is carved upside down. And if you ask the people
of Nikko why, they will tell you that it's carved so the gods
won't get jealous of the perfection of man. But I put the mirror
up to that statement and say the laws of nature are nearly
symmetrical because God didn't want to make man jealous of
her hand.

And in the mirror, the clock ticks a little slower, the heart beats a
little delayed. Watch the hand touch your face and, for a
moment, one hand brushes both cheeks at once. But then you
begin to pick the body apart: one foot is longer than the other,
one breast hangs a little lower, one eye winks and the other can
only blink, and, suddenly, you're not the woman you thought you
were. But then you look at a tree growing cherries or a flower
sating a bee and you count the branches or the petals and you
realize nothing is as beautiful as you once believed. And through
our eyes we continue coveting our reflections: The blade of
grass wants to be a rapier; the clouds want to be smoke circles
blown over the lips; the eclipse wants to bring back the light.

Poem in prose by A. Van Jordan

Sources and further links:
"The Physics of Poetry (or the Poetry of Physics)" from Laura Orem

Sunday, 17 May 2009

"The Physics of Poetry or the Poetry of Physics" from Laura Orem's blog

How many of us, scientists and non-scientists alike, know of poetic works by Nobel Physicist, Richard Phillips Feynman?

To one of his lectures, Laura Orem, tells us that Feynman added this poetic footnote, a poem in prose:

"Poets say science takes away from the beauty of the stars - mere gobs of gas atoms. Nothing is "mere."

I too can see the stars on a desert night, and feel them.

But do I see less or more?

The vastness of the heavens stretches my imagination - stuck on this carousel my little eye can catch one-million-year-old light.

A vast pattern - of which I am a part - perhaps my stuff was belched from some forgotten star,

as one is belching there. Or see them with the greater eye of Palomar, rushing all apart from some common starting point when they were perhaps all together.

What is the pattern, or the meaning, or the "why?"

It does not do harm to the mystery to know a little about it.

For far more marvelous is the truth than any artists of the past imagined!

Why do the poets of the present not speak of it?

What men are poets who can speak of Jupiter if he were like a man, but if he is an immense spinning sphere of methane and ammonia must be silent?"


"The Physics of Poetry (or the Poetry of Physics)" from Laura Orem:

Monday, 20 April 2009

Scots-Celtic bagpipes and drums _Up-date_mended links and Cultural Shock_Peace in the European Union, Poems Recalled

My last post (today also) led me to check out my original motivation links under Hugh MacDiarmid, the Great Scots Poet and incidentally a Sargent in the Medical Corps of the British Army in the so called Great War, WWI, in which my own wife's family, paid a heavy tribute: A grand uncle, Paul and a cousin Jean, both poilus-soldiers in WWII, lost their lives. Her Grandfather, poilu too, survived the "Chemin des Dames", Verdun and lived to the age of 87 years old with an permanently injured lung-lost and a piece of shrapnel in his thigh, undetected until late into his 80's and too old to operate!

Short recall:

For memory Hugh's poem, a prayer "Beyond Exile" may be found, in english with my translation to french in my post of entitled:

Tribute to Lazare Ponticelli & to those who survived or tried to survive WWI

It inspired my poem in french and english to Jean (and Paul) called "Well Beyond Exile / Bien au-delà de l'exile." in my post of Oh What a "Great War", That Was! of 12 March 2008. Such work may be readily found by using the blog search on the very top left of my blog with the key words "My poems".

In an expanded Hugh MacDiarmid link list to included Scots Anthems, Pipes and Drum, from Lone Pipers to Massed Pipes and Drums from around the World and combined Scots Songs, Music Videos, things I am sure would interest MacDiarmid if he were alive today. To some, the global reach of the Scottish-Celtic Music connection could be a cultural shock in itself. But to my surprise and great pleasure, I learned the The famous bagpipe tune "Highland Cathedral" was written by German musicians Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb.

Global Reach
May Europe and it's EU members states declare
across the Board.
To continue their road in peace, in life-long happiness,
oil and gas spared
Thus pointing the way as only united states still dare?
coal-on-hold or CO2 stored
As commonwealths have before them, still tireless
From need to needless, here lies contented society,
no, not bored,
For to balance need's vicious circle of today's economy,
keeps us on our toes.

Wasteful of energy and resources, wayward
The Natural Resource Company Ltd.

But to illuminate the paths and so evermore
Solar Energy

(en)Lighten the burden of still troubled nations
Is the only true energy course alternative
lecture ended
For only people, peoples and nations, physically and mindfully
body and soul

at peace with themselves can avoid distress
climatic distress.
© JA.

To think this started with a broken link and since corrected:

(The Unofficial Scots Anthem written and sung by Corries has now been corrected, scroll down the menu bar with pleasure)

And a gummed up widget on my Materials Science and Engineering blog sucessfully removed, radical!

Post scriptum: If any broken links or phishing warnings on any of my sites are found please, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Up-dating and refocus via My Blog Log

Of course my main focus is Science, Poems by Scientists, Poems on Science, Technology and Engineering. (As if to remind myself!)

Now thanks to a couple of bloggers I have opened my poetical list via two new link lists_just scroll down the menu bar:

1 Famous Poets and Poems _ All themes.
2. Blogger Poets and Poems.

Older Links list:
3. Peoms by Scientists-Poems on Science.
4. Poet: Hugh Macdiarmid-Best Site yet on BigMac!
(My original source of inspiration, perhaps after Robert Burns, Scotland's National Bard)

Friday, 17 April 2009

Un-tapped Talent_New Star UK is a Scot_Scot of the year 2009

Never to late for Fame:

I have just hear Susan Boyle sing. Sue at 47 years old from Blackburn near Bathgate, West Midlothian, in Scotland is deservidely exploding on all TV screens here in France for her perfomance in the UK edition of New Star. I have placed a permanent link photo and video link on the top LHS menu bar and repeated the link below:

Susan Boyle_New Star UK_Scot of the year 2009 LINK-html

Best wishes Sue.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Deforestation_ A Joke to Illustrate a very Serious and Fundamental Global Problem_Human Economic System in Question

The story may bring to mind serious issues brought up on a couple of my other blogs where I have brought readers attention to the works notably by Jared Diamond and J-M Jancovici.

This short story goes like this:
A lumber-jack comes to our well forested locality La Nièvre in France looking for a job.

The recruiter asks, "Well sir what are your references, for example, where did you work before?

The Lumber-jack replies, "In the Sahara".

The recruiter exclaims: In the Sahara desert!" There are no trees in the Sahara".

The lumber-jack: "That's right sir, that's because I was there before".

Related topics:
1. cf. for example Jared Diamond's tale of How Civilisations Collapse. scroll down to posts.
2. What is significant Innovation, What to Innovate, Where to Innovate, How to Innovate_ Back to Basics
3. Jared Diamond's 5 point Framework to decipher why Societies Collapse, spot the advanced warning signs_ why and how Societies Survive past and present.
4. Video capture widget trials and start of a Forsight-Hindsight Video Series
5. Energy Autonomy, Renewable Energies in France _ Get your projects in France going. Seeking a French partner or building a Consortium?
6. Guns, gems and steel: The Fate(s) of Human Societies

Financial Institutions_No comment or minimun comment, just simple calculations and questions

The New York Times (NY Times) published an article following the
up-roar over the subsidised AIG company management bonuses of 165 Million$ which they describe as "small change."

NY Times article published under the header, "The Fine Art of Political Distraction" and republished by the french newspaper Le Monde in their weekend supplement in english, Sat. 28 March 2009.

Could the NY Times and Le Monde be the real culprits guilty of Distraction?
Bonuses for Management of what? Gigantic Budgets! Seriously or Tongue in cheek sarcasm?

The small change comment arises from comparisons with
1. Announced US budget 787 Billion $ to boolster economic recovery (of which the sustainability remains, largely, to be defined not to mention proven I believe)
2. Add to this 700 Billion $ to "shore-up" (pun on the the rising sea level warnings?) shaky financial institutions.

Let's see:
-787 Billion $ = 787 000 OOO OOO$ (in US and most commonly used Scientific Community units)
-700 Billion $ = 700 000 000 000$

165 Million $ = 165 000 000$ or 1/6th of a Billion$ in the AIG bonus package
(How many golden parachutes and golden-handshakes are we focusing on at AIG and Assocs and what is the spread from maximum eg. 16 guys at 10M$ and 1 at 0.5M$ to some other hand-out? ).

NY Times describes AIG as a shaky financial Institution dare we repeat this?

How many other Financial Institutions are involve in such hand-outs
700 000 000 000 / 165 000 000 = 700 000 / 165 = 4242.42 approximately 4000.

What is clear is that the concentration of wealth continues to be "highly concentrated" whatever the calculation method used.

How many shaky financial institions are in the so called Gravey Queue. 4000 ? More? Less? And to what extent? AIG and they are not alone is the standard (International Standards Organisation ISO for the engineers amoung us) . There are several examples. It's a pity I did not take a hear count. It does very look easy to shallow up huge budgets (such as hundreds of billions of US$)

I am no expert in these matters which is certainly why I and the rest of the world are asking such questions.

One theme that has seldom emerged is "what if the bills are paid by the often longstanding highly paid directors of these financial institutions," by definition people with a good credit rank- and credit allowed at much lower rates than the general public-the famous "Joe Blog." One observer insists that neither the general public- (payers) nor the politicians who must study,legislate-decide have not a clue (like me) as to how banks work (surely an understatement if ever there was one) This observer whose name and references I did not scribble down at the time, considers that, yes indeed, the leading Bankers should foot the bill by through re-lending to their institution their "hard earned capital". At a guess I would say this must amount to roughly "700 Billion US$ in the USA alone) Through time and if they correct their past errors, these "managers" will in a relatively short time recover much of their re-investment. I'll let the specialists do some calculations on the return on capital through compound interest rates.

Still what on earth will our huge earners do with such massive capital remains to be seen. We know by now what our pollution and GHG emissions records are.

One group Forbes appears to have an idea. Some billionaires offer job?
a) The World's Billionaires
Edited by Luisa Kroll, Matthew Miller and Tatiana Serafin, 03.11.09
b) The Jobs?

Do the numbers of Jobs Offered balance Jobs Lost, Job Seekers? This must wait for some more enquiries and some very simple calculations.

A last quote (and two links) from J-M Jancovici and Grandjean:
"Human Economy is essentially about how mankind transforms limited natural resources to make useful desirable products and services."
[Link1] and [Link2].

Monday, 16 February 2009

Innovation and Creativity from a recent blog source via EntreCard

Taking one's self too seriously is not good policy for Creativity and Innovation.

I am most indebted to David Farrimond for his links and introduction to his non-vulgar humerous approach and work.

A few rapid personal picks.


Game Direct Link


NB does not mean:
"Do not seek success and its rewards", but rather should be consider as a means to re-gain the elasticity, necessary to rebound. "The ups and downs of life like cars gas guzzlers or the clean car, still in the "pipeline" need rubber like elasticity."

Embrace Failure (Prose- almost poetry)

But do seek success
For and in, it's own,
rich Rewards.

Most economical
Don't you think.
No stress on me
Fat-Cat-Lid, comical
laugh's Inwards.

Re-gain that elasticity,
So necessary to rebound.
"The ups and downs of life
Need rubber like tenacity."

Gas guzzlers or clean
Car dreams , alike!
The latter lacking liquidity.
The Fat and the lean

Are still, very much,

Prose or poetry? My franco-Scots playing tricks on my mind
for prose : pro - ose (ose in french means dare)
MacDiarmid must be turning in his grave!

France vs Scotland, 3rd Half-time was not rugby! Collision reported between British Nuclear Submarine, towed to Faslane Scotland and French Sub! Jobs

This information mix "Two Nuclear Submarines collide in the Atlantic and Drug Seizure on an Atlantic Island" is worse than mixing Scotch and Wine!

The 3rd Half in 2 half time team sports refers to after-match celebration in a bar. Here there the collision between the two packs could have had "dire" consequences! (aftermath)

A French nuclear submarine is reported to have been involved in a collision with a British nuclear submarine . "Revelations..."

West Indies: 600 kg of cocaine seized !

What a coincidence the collision took place in the middle of the Atlantic. Readers are, of course, free to draw their own conclusions.

my translation from french in Yahoo News lead 16 Feb. 09 (in french)

Collision nucléaire
Un sous-marin nucléaire français serait entré en collision avec un sous-marin nucléaire britannique. » Révélations

Antilles : 600 kg de cocaïne saisis

A short summary of the reported "incident":

BRITISH and French nuclear submarines that collided deep under the Atlantic could have sunk or released deadly radioactivity, it emerged (and luckily not submerged).
according to the UK, The Sun, newspaper's By TOM NEWTON DUNN,Defence Editor.

The Royal Navy’s HMS Vanguard and the French Navy’s Le Triomphant are both nuclear powered and were carrying nuke missiles.

The Vanguard, one of Britain’s four V-Class subs forming our Trident nuclear deterrent, each armed with 16 ballistic missiles was last night towed into Faslane in Scotland, with dents and scrapes visible on her hull. Triomphant limped to Brest with extensive damage to her sonar dome.

Vanguard She was last night towed into Faslane in Scotland, with dents and scrapes visible on her hull. Triomphant limped to Brest with extensive damage to her sonar dome.

The technical angle:
Naval sources are claimed to have said it was a millions-to-one unlucky chance both subs were in the same patch of sea.

Warships have sonar gear which locates submarines by sound waves.

But modern anti-sonar technology is so good it is possible neither boat “saw” the other.

Too good to be true?:

Saturday, 10 January 2009

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