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Monday, 8 December 2008

Cool Gifts for a Happy Xmas - Food for Guns in LA - Heads cool as Economy Cools

Cool Gifts - Heads cool as the Economy cools.

LOS ANGELES – A program to exchange guns for gifts brought in a record number of weapons this year as residents hit hard by the economy look under the bed and in closets to find items to trade for groceries.
The annual Gifts for Guns program ended Sunday in Compton, a working class city south of Los Angeles that has long struggled with gun and gang violence. In a program similar to ones in New York and San Francisco, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department allows residents to anonymously relinquish firearms in return for $100 gift cards for Ralph's supermarkets, Target department stores or Best Buy electronics stores.

Turning in assault rifles yields double that amount.
Comment Starter - What happens to the the hardware now: checked for origin and arms traffic control, re-use by military, re-melted for quality civil use, other.
Whatever, it is good to see that sensible people rate acquiring food peacefully above taking it by force. Keep-up the good work - discuss widely.

Source: "Lean times, SoCal residents trade guns for food" - Print Version By THOMAS WATKINS, writer for AP

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