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Saturday, 29 September 2012

New Young Author, Scientist and Astronomer_Black Ink Obelisk (Aubrey J. Sanders): Somata (poem)

Only one declared poem from a list of 51 entries to

The Open Laboratory 2012 – the final entries 

Many of the titles appear to be poetry (in action) but a bit guesome for my delicate taste.

The one I vote for is N° 4

4. Black Ink Obelisk (Aubrey J. Sanders): Somata (poem)

I was born a body of worlds
a carnal web of cosmic pearl
billions of stars that hold me to my bones,
and when one day their cores collapse
I will shed my skin in ash
and sleep among the mosses and the stone.
I’ll grow into the vine that licks the ruin
writhe beneath the savage moon
my scattered cinders eaten at the roots,
and when the ravaged willow moans again
she will take me in her veins
and shake me from her hair an astral fruit.
For we forgot a fact that we once knew,
the only ancient truth,
the knowledge of our primal origin:
That from the feral night we came as dust
born from stellar wanderlust
and unto the stars we will return again.
Aubrey J. Sanders
from the original source (Sci American ref. below) I deduced that it is fair and proper to reproduce Aubrey's poem awaiting her response to my request for further action. 

("re-post the entire list of 51 posts that will be published next year. Congratulations to all!")

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List from 
 Bora Zivkovic is the Blog Editor at Scientific American, chronobiologist, biology teacher, organizer of ScienceOnline conferences and editor of Open Laboratory anthologies of best science writing on the Web. Follow on Twitter @boraz.

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