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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top Quotes-Quotes from novels - Mickael Crichton's thriller entitled NEXT_Realistic vs Dishonesty

From our earliest days in the school playground we are often victims of derogatory remarks
directed at us by our newly encountered schoolmates. We learn to defend ourselves "without bloodshed" using the age old rhyme:

'Sticks and stones will hurt my bones
but names will never hurt me. '

As adults we still engage to a greater or lesser extent in "one-up-man-ship» or “games-man-ship"
Let me share this one from Mickael Crichton's thriller entitled NEXT

“At work she was called idealistic, impractical, and unrealistic.
She responded to that in lawyer-speak, realistic was another word for dishonest.”
 which Crichton attributed to his character lawyer Alex Burnet, Page 331 copyright 2006.

NB. Crichton in his end notes makes a strong and stirring case in favour of outlawing gene patenting and tissue ownership following his extensive research in these subjects for his book all referenced in 8 paged Biography:  
Recommended books, press articles and internet websites.

I admit to skipping some of the more technical writings while following the plot with delectation but avidly read Crichton’s excellent end-notes

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