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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Music to my ears - Times arrow ever cast -Take a PEEK

Music to my ears -

Times arrow ever cast

Sounds for the deaf and for the solitary golfer by -6°C/267 degrees Kelvin.
(In an early autumn morning, temperature about -6°Celsius/267 degrees Kelvin)

The sun shone an the first green and the second tee.
The young oak looked on amused at these futile gests.
Her leaves, golden, spoke; tinkling, tinkling, falling free,
Floating in the early frosted air to a final tinkled rest.
I strained my ear to listen to natures tune,
From tee to tee and tree to tree ever since,
I realize the uniqueness my experienced “roon.”*

*(roon= round of golf in Scots vernacular)
My poem - poem by a scientist © JA “Times arrow ever cast”

Science in disguise – Music to my ears or is it? Take a “Peek for casting”.
By a Franco-Scots trained metallurgist whose appreciation of plastics is limited and reports on such “substances”** starting from a mind-frame defined by "the metallurgists" motto as “I hate plastics!” - except for Bio-Degradable ISO-NF International Stds. Org. - Norme Francais...plastic carrier bags recycled for home rubbish-The Best. And like all Scots I like a rebate- “Debate svp on what follows-comment!”  Here I slip from a true natures experience on a short golf-practice to prose on science,technology,engineering, materials selection and art not forgetting some humour.
Korea golf ball mould supplier Sung Hyoung Precision has begun coating its mould cores with polyarylethethetone (Peek)
The coatings scratch and wear resistance properties are claimed to extend the service life of mould to six times that of those covered with fluoropolymers or metal platings. The polymer is a linear, semi-crystalline thermoplastic
The main ingredient is a linear, semi-crystalline thermoplastic that does not require a primer or multiple layers.
Such “petroleum derivitives” have of course many other industrial applications “unfortunately” but to be fair, the UK polymer producer offers several online case studies relevant to their products and applications.

Global Outlook-start: UK-China.

Global Application Development Services To support OEMs-Original equipment manufactrers and coaters with the development and commercialization of these coatings in their application design, The PEEK manufacturer has two application support service facilities; The Asia Innovation and Technology Centre (AITC)The Asia Innovation and Technology Centre (AITC), located in the Xinzhuang Industry Park in Shanghai, China and the The Coatings Application Development Center (VADC), located at the company headquarters in Thornton Cleveleys, Lanchashire, United Kingdom. Both centers provide customers with expertise and support in materials specification, training, prototyping, testing, and research.

NB. Life Cycle Analysis:

Granta Design's new Eco Audit Tool enables identification of the energy emissions from a product at different phases in its lifecycle, based on the materials and processes used; eg. material, manufacture, transport, use, disposal.

LHS-Fig. Histogramme Energy vs Lifecycle phase
-Materials World (MW) Print edition only
All MW. full online content –Link.
-Engineering Talk

-Life Cycle Analysis Eco-Audit All the links Images are due to Granta Design.

**For a discussion on Materials versus Substances cf my link:
"The Material Chemists-Definition of Materials Chemistry"

Industrialists websites:
Victrex "Peeks"
Sung Hyoung Precison

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