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Friday, 26 September 2008

Great minds think alike - BBC production of "No Holds Bard" - Top for Scots & Ex-pat Scots

It would have been criminal, if I had brought this to your attention. You may hardly believe your eyes stumbling-upon this BBC production in the making,; entitled "No Holds Bard" and announced on 5th June 2008 scheduled for 2009. NB. The start date is important.

You may not have "cast your minds eye" over the similar back-ground to the choice of my blog and the BBC production No_Holds_Bard and the BBC programme of the same name. My choice preceded the BBC announce and arose from a quip in the RER from St Germain - West side of Paris to Chatelet, Paris Centre, by two lads who both hail originally from "Burns Country - Ayrshire,Scotland.

By some co-incidence, My First Post was made on 23 February 2008, a poem entitled Letter in the Scottish Tradition - "LE TRAVAIL C’EST LA SANTE…" (a damned good job too!) and on 27 Feb 2008 Poem:"Market gits Spice". (simulating Scots vernacular)

You can find a short summary largely quoted from the BBC press release as follows with an added slant of interest to all, but more especially to the huge Scot's Exp-pat community WW:

"A star-studded Scottish cast is to star in No Holds Bard, a new BBC Scotland 60-minute comedy documentary celebrating next year's 250th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns - Scotland's National Bard.

"Robert Burns is a fantastic and unique part of Scotland's heritage. BBC Scotland will be doing a lot to celebrate the man and his works in 2009 and we are delighted that this affectionate tale will form a part of that."

The Comedy's Plot:

"No Holds Bard follows the lives of five people as they prepare to vie for the 2009 Cup O'Kindness – the trophy awarded to the champion in Burns recital. [remember Burns wrote the word of the song Auld Lang Syne - or in French "Ce n'est qu'un Au Revoir" -JA]

Wait a minute Jock, best to read the BBC press release summary for the details cf. source link in the Footynotes (soccer, by devil!)

No Holds Bard is written by Simon Carlyle and Gregor Sharp, directed by Brian Kelly, and produced by Jack Docherty. The Executive Producer is Alan Tyler BBC Scotland.

Alan Tyler, Head of Entertainment at BBC Scotland is quoted as saying with great significance:

"We are delighted to have attracted this fantastic array of Scottish stars to the cast of No Holds Bard. "Many of them have worked with BBC Scotland before, and it feels great to welcome them back home to star in this modern comic tale. "

Let me speak-up for all you Ex-pats for Alan's kind attention -"please continue feel delighted Alan and extend your invitation to other "Ex-pats." -left to find jobs, if not fame & wealth! At least his wee bard is listening.

Source: Press Releases : "Scottish stars celebrate Burns with BBC Scotland."

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