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Friday, 16 April 2010

Videos added to my Unknown talent list of New Talent- My Nouvelle (New) Star Choice 2008

Regular followers will have already seen my echo of the video "Chinese boy sings Whitney Huston" - a boost for the long awaited return (if any?) of Huston herself!

But more important I have added several songs and videos of a talented french youngster, "Folk at its best" in the person of  Julien Pierson alias Peter SunSon, brought to the wider public via the French nouvelle (New) Star TV show (M6-TV Channel in France). I was flabbergasted and thought immediately of Bob Dylan with a better voice. Finding Julien Pierson, was difficult but my efforts were rewarding. He was, without a shadow of a doubt, my choice in the 2008 New Star 2008 France & beyond. Listening to Julien again I saw much of what I like in James Blunt and as Julien himself says he appreciate Damien Rice and sings delicate as well as his idol. That's a lot of Talent: Dylan,Blunt, Rice... in one 19 year old youngster.

If I had the funds I would produce his shows!  Check "Julien Pierson alias Peter SunSon video in the Top centre block and his other works in the LHS menu bar in the company of some originals "Jeff Buckley, Murry Head, newer and older undicovered talent untill recently such as Susan Boyle and Petter Potts, in the UK.

Still the main media largely ignores these youngsters. No wonder main media is so boring the same old crowd, the same ols songs, the same old sounds. Glad I blog not only to avoid the mainstream repetitive crowd but also, in this case, helps research in more depth the real talent which does not necesarily fit the mould. Julien Pierson-Peter sunSon got into the final 15 and unless the bloggers get behind work such as his he will be left out of the National and International circuit. A great pity for both the artist and the public.

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