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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Transcending_ Al.Hy interprets "La foule" en direct -live on TF1 _A Star is born

 An astonishing re-interpretation of Piaf's "La Foule" The Crowd in english. by this young artist "Al.Hy"

 It is well worth viewing and listening to this video live-no playback stuff this evening (21/04/2012) It is well worth suffering through TF1 and Co's publicity.

France and the french show business system (the establishment) have at last allowed young vocal talent to express itself and there is lots of it.  TF1 by allowing practically instantaneous video downloading is a clearly helping to open the dam flood gates. I never thought that one day I would compliment TF1 Cheers TF1 and The Voice.

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