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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

FROM ENTROPY to POETRY, for Thermodynamics Enthousiasts


From Entropy to Poetry
(originally Owed'N..! as "Ode" )
( in response to J.E. Harris, FRS. FEng. FIM. "Material Matters-Poetry & Entropy, MW. Sept. 2002, P70. Thanks Jack for the tips on; great poems on science, John Updikes "Ode to Entropy..." and & perhaps the greatest English Poet of the last century,WH Auden who graduated from Oxford as a biologist! )

From poetry to entropy,
You will by now agree,
There is not an F of a difference,
Nor even a “Gee”(G).
Could it be simply an “N”?

If only this was The En’d!

For what is to follow,

There could well be no tomorrow,
Short molecule DNA of poetry.

For of beginnings and ends
Much has been hypothesised
And even tested, God forgive!
Such is the closed system
In which many are hypnotised
To make a living, a pit-ance.

But life’s work lies in between,
As some open, interactive, book.

An “F” of difference?
I’m glad you asked,
Simple formulas to treat with deference.
Naturally “F”is for:
Fiddling and fumbling with variations.
Mixing and muddling and even juggling
With Temperature and Space, ( dT, dV.)
Helmholtz keel. (dF = - SdT - PdV )

And “Gee” where does it come in?
You may again feel free to ask?
Will’ard enough and Gibbs steps in*,
His physical – chemistry violin,
Striking the cords of Temperature and Pressure,
(dG= - SdT +VdP)
Easier to manipulate
In some (dead) physical body.

Of chemical potentials?
Muse to add, (μ)
Infinitesimal accounts of energy change with mass.
Remember the thermodynamic mnemonic flag:
“Students Usually Voluntarily, Forget The, Grants People, Have.”
-S U V
H x F
-P G T

And of “N’s”, just some number?
Or n, i. chemical potential? [n, i, (any)]
Maybe Not, I. N. Stein;
Clean power two, speed of light
Shortest molecule DNA of poetry,
Simple formula above all to treat with deference!
A and H, worth a bomb,
Or just some N-UK-ES ?

“N” as in Nu-clear?
The highest state of strong order, dawning
“et de ce jour bacteries et champignons*
jailirent à l’existance pour dissoudre*
et un nouveau champignon est né*
Such is Nature – reviewed.

[S for entropy, for system or something
All potential candidates for a one word
“System of Systems” Of… Information?
Naturally, Log on too, ( two )
For being negative can be positive. ]
[ ]= Unfinished verse –
WTBD. "Work to be done".

Of closed systems and of open,
The worst of course is isolation
For the latter is no man’s land
Nor any living kingdom
Wherein neither energy nor matter exchange.

And as if to remind one’s self
The best system is
As in Nature’s “Natural Processes”**,
The system KISS,
For God is love,
So Keep It Simple Stupid!

This all began with an “H”
But let’s not En’d
With “H” for Head
As “en-Trophy”!

It must by now, be apparent,
That the proper order, may I say it,
Must be from Entropy to Poetry!

*[Willard Gibbs, Thermodynamics theorist 18…]**”(from J.Updike, trad. Alain Suid “Ode à la Décomposition”) **(from A. Suid’s trad. of J.Updike’s “Facing Nature”). 3rd draft, 12 Nov. 2002, JA., 4th draft 6 March 2003. JA.,5th draft 6 May 2003. JA. 6the draft 2 June 2003, copyright
© JA., MORE on Entropy,
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