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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Gifts - Best Tips - Good Information is precious - Here-See & Hear: Jacquie Lawson's Gift e-Cards

I have just discovered the most poetic gift e-cards that I have ever come across:

Jacquie Lawson's animated gift e-cards (images & sound). Jacquie is an english artist. As a Franco-Scot you may judge the stupendous effort I have made to overcome my historic enemy syndrome in recommending her work! Many samples are available for entirely free trial full sound and vision.

I have just bookmarked: Jacquie Lawson's animated gift e-cards as my favorite gift card source from now on! Truly, don't hesitate to visit Jacquie's site.

Jacquie Lawson e-cards

I do hope you enjoy this brief radical change from mostly "over"-serious approach(es)

PS. To return to the serious aspects of e-cards:
Further advantages in sending e-cards, as you will all be aware, but let me repeat them are:
-good for your carbon footprint,
-rapid time saver,
-increasingly democratic global reach,
-creates higher skilled jobs.
- economic.

Cheers, "Hear hear" and Best Wishes.
NB. This follows my previous post on my newly created Gift-Links: "Questias online books"

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