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Monday, 1 September 2008

Best Gifts-Free Online Books from Questia - Relaxing Books

Questia is a publisher of Online Books. It claims to have "The World's Largest Online Library of Books" for students, professors, librarians,publishers and of course avid readers.

I have been subscribing to Questia's newsletter for the past few months. As an avid reader I have been impressed by the relevance of their posts and library-reading topics, hints and suggestions. Now I even more impressed by their offer of Free Relaxing Books and convenient online pdf style reader allowing,annotations,research notes,bibliographies and what have you.

This latest newsletter & reading-room brought 15 Titles to my attention. Obviously I have not read all or even many of the 15, although I found many titles of interest. Having perused all the titles, I settled for a more in-depth first read of "Calm Energy" dealing with relationships between "Mood-Food-Energy-Exercise." I believe most of us have some idea of where our over-eating (and other "additive habits) originate however there are many hints on how we can all better understand these habits and relationships in order to achieve a more balanced life style and improved health.

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