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Saturday, 10 January 2009

Introducing Snap Shots from - Enhanced Widget Functionality

I just installed a nice little tool on this site called Snap Shots that enhances links with visual previews of the destination site, interactive excerpts of Wikipedia articles, MySpace profiles, IMDb profiles and Amazon products, display in-line videos, RSS, MP3s, photos, stock charts and more.

Sometimes Snap Shots bring you the information you need, without your having to leave the site, while other times it lets you "look ahead," before deciding if you want to follow a link or not.

Please feel free to comment upon this widget or my widget approach in general.

Should you decide this is not for you, just click the Options icon in the upper right corner of the Snap Shot and opt-out.

1 comment:

Brian said...

Hey NHB, much thanks for putting me on your blog roll! I hope you keep in touch. Excellent blog title for your site by the way. I'm a sucker for puns.

I didn't see the snap shots pop up for the links on your page. I've seen this on some other sites and always thought it to be pretty cool. I'm curious if you've noticed if your site is slower or if the widget affects performance at all. If not, and it seems to be working good for you I'll put the widget on my site.


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