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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Glory Liu sings the Nanosong. Strong competition for Susan Boyd? Introduces a neat video and nanotech website from ACS-American Chemistry Society

Definitely Science in disguise.

The Nano Song

Thanks to a link on twitter from IOM3 webmaster. Thanks Richard. Great fun and more resources.

Follow the links on the page for an impressive list of short videos (less than 5mns) Introducing Nanotechnology due to ACS the American Chemical Society's Nanotation website and video competition.

A Few sample video links in the ACS competition series:

1. Introductory Video by Dan Graham

2. Warning on misuse by the Nano-everywhere Advertisers

3. The buzz, social impact of nanotechnology - nanowiki #4 From:Victor Puntes

4. History, Nanoparticles before Nanotechnology

Many more resources on the RHS (right hand side ) Nanosong menu bar:

Centres, People, Products...

More choices of videos called "Nanopicks" categorised by "most commented", "best av. rating",
by ACS appointed expert the top drop-down menu "Nanopicks"

Good viewing.

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