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Monday, 18 May 2009

Quantum Lyrics by A Van Jordan

I have just discovered the work of A. Van Jordan and his book Quantum Lyrics from which I have posted extracts in the preceding posts. I feel that this work deserves a little more review space on my pages and have cut and pasted a very good review by Kevin Winter from Amazon Books website.

"In Quantum Lyrics, A. Van Jordan takes the reader on a ride they won't soon forget. In his collection full of lyricism, imagery, and history, Mr. Jordan examines math and science and how they relate to what it means to be human. Most of the poems settle around Einstein, and how he viewed his contributions to society - how he, Einstein, viewed human relationships from when he first got married, to the night he dreamed about his famous equation. Two poems dealing with Richard Feynman lectures, and a couple of poems about comic book heroes, the Flash and the Green Lantern are absolute joys to read. This is a unique collection of prose that take you on a journey of discovery, a journey of self-discovery. The conversations between Einstein and his future wife are interesting, for it shows how even a genius like Einstein had trouble relating to his wife, and readers may find of particular interest Einstein's love letter to his future wife, Mileva Maric. This is a book for those who love both a mixture of science and poetry and highly recommended."

Reviewed by Kevin Winter

Looking forward to reading this book soon.

1 comment:

sagar said...

I’m glad I read this. I rarely reply to peoples comments…not because I don’t like them…but because I thought it was self-serving.
Thank you
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