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Monday, 16 February 2009

Innovation and Creativity from a recent blog source via EntreCard

Taking one's self too seriously is not good policy for Creativity and Innovation.

I am most indebted to David Farrimond for his links and introduction to his non-vulgar humerous approach and work.

A few rapid personal picks.


Game Direct Link


NB does not mean:
"Do not seek success and its rewards", but rather should be consider as a means to re-gain the elasticity, necessary to rebound. "The ups and downs of life like cars gas guzzlers or the clean car, still in the "pipeline" need rubber like elasticity."

Embrace Failure (Prose- almost poetry)

But do seek success
For and in, it's own,
rich Rewards.

Most economical
Don't you think.
No stress on me
Fat-Cat-Lid, comical
laugh's Inwards.

Re-gain that elasticity,
So necessary to rebound.
"The ups and downs of life
Need rubber like tenacity."

Gas guzzlers or clean
Car dreams , alike!
The latter lacking liquidity.
The Fat and the lean

Are still, very much,

Prose or poetry? My franco-Scots playing tricks on my mind
for prose : pro - ose (ose in french means dare)
MacDiarmid must be turning in his grave!

1 comment:

Hindleyite said...

Hey, thanks for this mention! It's the first time anyone's ever bothered to even mention my Illarterate site... means a lot to me. Cheers!

PS, not a big deal, but my name is Dan Farrimond, not David Farrimond as mentioned in the text. :)

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