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Saturday, 14 November 2009

Money saving_Recycled-re-used, corrugated carboard packaging from a well known producer of tiny aluminium coffee capsules

More than 25-30 euros saved, by Re-using Corrugated Cardboard.

This small but highly effective tip arose, stimulated by my latest and perhaps last investment in sport trainers. Incidentally they are the most expensive of all my foot-ware; dress shoes casuals or sports gear and what have you.

My last trainers, in the short distance running or when walking, as usual, wore out, ripped, the internal textile heal covering, exposing flimsy padding and the standard very rigid plastic heal "support". This damage makes short work of socks and skin alike. The rest of the trainers of a well known brand, were "as new" and normally would have been thrown in the bin.

Now don't say I just pull off my trainers any old way and that it serves me right... Wrong, I care for my footwear and my budget.

Before I pronounced their death sentence and feeling that if my new ones last no longer than the previous ones, I would regret my over-optimistic purchase.

I took a last look and saw plainly that they needed a quick fix, cheaper than any my cobbler would wish to do and more robust than elastoplast. Well, I had just thrown out the Nespresso, 1mm thick, corrugated cardboard packaging.

(NB. My Nespresso machine was a gift, otherwise I would never have supported such a wasteful process. Now if you feel "Nessy" have taken their recycling process to heart please say so, but I had a quick look. Good "coms." for snobs, but a truly slimley motivated case in the face of any professional who has been involved with high integrity materials subjected to the highest quality standards. Admittedly-no production, means no need to recycle or re-use. )

Save your trainers -The solution: Cut a small rectangle of such corrugated cardboard, sized to the internal area your trainer to cover the damaged area of the trainer. I used the 1mm thick corrugated 'Nespresso' cardboard. Following an hour and a half strenuous walk, the trainers were perfectly comfortable and my socks and Achilles tendon saved. I expect to get a couple of more years walking from my older trainers.

Two pairs of trainers for the price of one, plus an expected life extension for both my older trainers and the new ones.

While this rapidly expanding Swiss company struggles to sort out it's recycling-re-use, practice. (as opposed to the com).,

Google: nespresso, capsules, recycle.

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