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Friday, 25 June 2010

"Getting a way with murder": Proposed Gas Price Increase in France 10-15% while Gas Price at Source is dropping!

No one mentions the Carbon Tax here, it was supposedly scapped or possibly-(probably?) disguised.

The Company,trying her luck, is Suez-Gaz de France. It argues that the ambiguity arises from the nature of their long-term contract(s) with their supplier (suppliers). Nothing is reported about the client-end users long-term contract in the form of his investment in cooking equipment or longer-term heating. If the company gets it's previsions wrong who should pay? The main responsible, obviously?  Fixed term contracts in unstable financial markets and economic failures. No chief financial officers (CFO)?   The PDG must show the example- not the one the current CEO has shown heading both companies before their merger and doubling his enormous remuneration package, before public outcry reduced this. WE ARE FAR FROM FORD's or MAYNARD KEYNES MANAGEMENT/WORKER SALARY RATIO OF RESPECTIVELY 20/1 and 40/1 (but Keynes was a batchelor).  Of course it will not amount to as much as taxing the gullible client, but...

At a time when all are called upon to make extra efforts to face a crises few are responsible for, the vast volume of people-the so called silent majority- often near minimum wage or lower by half-the unemployment allowance what are the Energy suppliers thinking?

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