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Friday, 25 June 2010

First conclusions on 2010 World Cup (WC) first round. Scandal loomed already in WC 2006 Final

Could the elimination of France and Italy respectively vice champion, and champion WC 2006, in the initial stages, first round ties forebode the end of the Soccer as Biz over Soccer as sport, to end the National selections of over payed, and possibly over played players being chosen for national teams?

Poor performance from England and her very well-off players, Germany doing a little better only just. Spain a favourite has gotten into trouble. But before I slate or "Slag" as they say today to use a metallurgical term for "wast chemical reactants in steel and metal smelting" all the relatively big rich EU countries we must await the Portugal vs Brazil and Spains venue today.

The smaller less well payed soccer nations are doing or did surprisingly well: USA and the Americas in general over and above the giants Argentina and Brazil, Austral Asia's Australia and New Zealand, very good football from the African continent and more than honorable performance of the Asian contingent (Koreas and Japan). lets hope that some good sense and common decency may find it's way back into football first as a Sport and why not as proper business upholding high ethical standards reflecting their undoubted influence on youngsters worldwide as opposed to what we are getting and have been for longer than, I for one, can stand, simulated fouls, jersey and arm pulling, when it is not a full body search, late leg and ankle breaking tackles, tackles from behind cheating of all sorts. Does this reflect life and society as a whole as some even experience coaches say? Is all society on video and broadcast world wide on TV?    I believe I am not alone in my protest.

Market gits Spice.
(To Mr. D. Footham and friends).
(revised version of foot and mouth disease).

Ye git’s! Ye bunch o’git’s,
ye mak’ me mad, blin’ daft.
Market gits Spice. (gits-gets also in slang a”git” is an idiot )

David Bootham, or is it back’m?
No enough cash, I’d brand ‘im!
Tae squander on spice and the likes, bluster!(buster?)
The kind that wid gae the strangest an ulcer. (wid-would)
I’m doubled up in shear pain.
‘Must be market’s shear strain.
The gits, wid they feel ony shame? (gits-idiots)
We’ve heard how much he’s worth but to whae?
But does ay ken hoo much ‘e-costs an’ to wham?

REFRAIN: Ye git’s! …

The pair wean’s the pair wee weans.
Yur daddy ponded yur wee toy train
Yur fired! Yur a’ damned fired by goad!
Naebuddy wi’ sense wid gae yeese a joab.
Is it Boab or Alex that sets the wage?
The slate’s a nae Start, richt Salty gage
Doon richt stupidity has nae boun’ or age
Busby’ s babbes must turn in their graves
Their weans waited near forty years save

REFRAIN: Ye git’s!

Fig’s guid, Zizou, and king ‘Enry too
Emperor Eric a’ways did his team true
Ryan presses the wick, victory he riggs Homage also to Ryan Air that flies Beauvais Fr to Prestwick
Glides like the white ghost*, a fine Gigg. *The late John White of Spur’s & Scotland .
But a’ this dope, incense an’ spice? .
It’s lawfu’ but no’ a’ quite nice.
I’ve got it, thanks tae a day’s thoucht (Thought for the day, BBC4)
That’s richt, a chap broadcast oucht
“In auld Britannia a man is mare concerned
Wi the inequalities in horsies, race banned

REFRAIN: (Ye git’s!…
Market gits Spice)

Than awe the inequalities in blessed mankind”
A man’s a man fur a’ that an’ a’ that”
So whit’s the trouble, lay me alain ye top hat
Tae win the price o’ a packet a coffin nails
Or a pint o’ bitter tae pit wind in ma sails
Fur company, while a canter hame. ( a=I Canter, today= drive)
Yur no gonie put on me ony blame?
Fur ‘a that an’ a’ that it’s coming yet
That man to man the warld o’er
Shall brothers be for a’ that

So listen tae yur brither noo

REFRAIN: Ye git’s!…
Market gits Spice
J A No-Holds-Bard

I. France was in no position to question the poor decision concerning the red card obtained by the young and still principled Yohann Goucuff. The incident as shown on video did not appear to warant even a yellow card, but then the referee, who did a good job on the whole, must act on "Pre-War" technology, where mistakes are encouraged, with as we now know today, to lead to total disaster.

Should players chosen to represent their country pay their own expenses? In the big football countries there is certainly a case to be made for such practice. Much publicity is generated around the selection, even if there are very little publicised share systems in operation between: federation, staff and players .


Video support for Football Refereeing, Why are we waiting? Also Up-date: satyrical poem on soccer extravaganza, violence at matches, cost of security and abusive salaries: "Market Gets Spice" -

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