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Thursday, 3 April 2008

My poem-dream: "Jaggy Stuff" (analogy with laser light)

Alternative Title: Battle Song _Fight against one's self (reputed to be one's own worse enemy?)
Author's note:This poem is based upon a half-awake dream, places and people are real.

Jaggy Stuff
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He looked at himself in the glacey mirror*
And what he saw was war and terror.
He looked again and remembered his dream.
His franglais, mixed, shone not quite clean,
As the laser beam, sharp and unbent,
Highly directional, monochromatic, coherent
Bringing secour, help and relief at last.
He looked at his dream as a man afar - vast,
Like the antimatter in the quantum glass,
Present and past in one place on the cross.

Which door was number three? Right? No left.
Upon opening was a man, on the table edge deft,
Behind young cronies drinking merry.
I left this boat, suffocating ferry.
It was night, but the day was dawning.
I breathed afresh the new belief spawning
I looked and saw, I listened and heard
A voice from the other side, (Adams) said
-Cried out, Morin is dead! I half awoke,
In the grey and an idea broke,
untwining the ‘frangais’ laser clear.
“Mort” in! “Death in”, is dead, reborn hear!
I left my long commatic state
To breath again, with life a date.

J. Alexander (about12/12/98).Copyright © J.A.( Scanned and punctuated 15/12/2001-8/01/2002 Ed.19/03/2003).
*(double meaning “glacey”, cold- franglais->glassy)

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