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Thursday, 27 March 2008

My Poem on Mechanical Limits-"NEWTON IS DEAD."

(Inspired by -“Newton is dead” by Peter M. Allen, Prof. of Physical Chemistry,MIT
ref: “La Mort d'Newton”
Ed. Maisonneuve & Larose(in French translated from Italian under the direction of Augusto Forti-Bureau Européen de l’UNESCO, Paris).
Newtonian physics and thermodynamics have succeeded.
In economy, biology, and ecology, problems have receded.
Based upon some false sense of equilibrium,
We have reduced the complex sys. Triumvirum
To some potential function; utility, convenience, efficiency,
Vital to human condition if only one could wait and see.

The blind watchmaker has had his say.
Old man time has cast his arrows way,
Breaking the egg timers universal symmetry.
Please don’t get me wrong, there is no gimmickry.

Even in evolution, which is where it’s at,
Darwin is in essence a view of the past.
The mechanical world is in a right damned panic,
Dissipative processes have sapped dynamics.
In breaking systems into constitutive parts,
Atoms and molecules have lost life’s spark.

Could it be that my own equilibrium is fleeting
From balanced short time to long* my life eating?
Because all is not of equal possibility,
We simply seek the average probability.

But this machine, I may tell you, can only function.
It’s job is not to compete, co-operate, disposition.
To grow, evolve, and even innovate.
Continuous learning, conscience create!

Only as a mainly mortiferrous linear decision,
Can physics keep its present power of prevision;
Entropy, Free Energy potential associates imposes relaxation,
Inevitably deterministic, predetermined, equilibrium variation.

This last word is to-days reality,
Far from all known bounds of reversibility,
Instabilities three wicked witches, turn, twist, and flirt
**“Out of line” modern body of physics & chemistry comforts it.

Do you get the picture of the human system devotion?
Individual components immerged in a potential ocean,
Whose evolving contours are hills and valley postures,
Hyphens for present and possible (potential) futures,
And each of them as in some fog or smog vaguely visible.

Choose carefully here, the dreams of some brave individual!
For awaits devilish dilemmas fork, requiring doctor’s care,
Or on average smooth, sooth, through fear of life’s dare,
For history moves equally to individuals and to systems rhythm
At least this is Peter’s hope;DASHED & DROWNED?
[**& NSF below ]
Here I must stop least language becomes the new barrierOf our species,
much worse than any animal carrier.

*(Long & short time economic model-pendulum?/eqm.)
Jas. Alexander © (written about 12/12/1999 .This edition 20 Sept. 2001 & 11Oct.)
Please quote the author in any communication/transmission, written or verbal… copyright © J.A
More on Entropy [Link] or

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