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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Poet at Jaybern brought to my attention via Entrecard

Poet at Jaybern also deserves the auxiliary title "Poetry at Jaybern" The author not only writes poetry for therapeutic reasons and is a living example of the success of  such approaches (join the club Jay) but also helps other poets to bring their work to light. The site is very well designed both technically and esthetically.

I have one other wish, ie. I hope the poet at Jaybern is also as keen on science as I cf.  the image of a technically equipped "handicapped" athlete running with prothesis

Poet at Jaybern
Jay's blog selection

1 comment:

John C Buchanan said...

Thank you for your review of my Blog, 'Poet at Jaybern'. I found it whilst doing some research for my next post.
It is really rewarding to find such positive comments about my work. I would be very grateful if you could cut and paste it to the review section on Entrecard.
I do enjoy science; in fact I have been researching and writing a very long poem about the history of prosthetics, I suspect it will only be read by anyone who needs a quick overview of that subject, but sometimes the challenge of getting awkward words or phrases like ‘myoelectricity’, ‘osseointegration’ and ‘targeted reinnervation’ into a rhyming poem can make the effort worth it.

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