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Saturday, 12 March 2011

Aspirin protects against several types of cancer_What the doctor has long suspected

Effect of daily aspirin on long-term risk of death due to cancer: analysis of individual patient data from randomised trials
• Article
The Lancet, Volume 377, Issue 9759,  1 January 2011, Pages 31-41
Rothwell, P.M.; Fowkes, F.G.R.; Belch, J.F.; Ogawa, H.; Warlow, C.P.; Meade, T.W.

So when will the medical corps and governmental authorities draw-up a protocol ?
Have you ever tried to insure a bank loan eg. for your own home at the age of 65. 65? you tell every one you are 65years old until you reach 66 but the insurance companies most often take this as over 65 (look at you as though you have one foot in the grave and bump up their interest rates even if you have no apparent life style hitches indeed you pride yourself on doing your bit to keep fit, well and useful not to mention respecting your end of the contract (end 80 years of age) just for the record. As far as I know no assurance co. asks for a genetic test but surely it will come - "family history it's called euphemistically.

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