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Friday, 3 October 2008

Inflation – Semantics I: Philo (Philosophy) and Filou [rogue], swindler, cheat (tricheur)].

Any similarities with today’s top topic –Financial Crises, Recession, Inflation, Battle of the Comms., re-“current-Affaires” and whatnot or what have you is purely accidental and no reference to real persons is intended.

Whatever you retain from this “poem in the making” you will certainly find the dictionary which helped me prepare the prose of great use to all interested in good use of language, learning, english and French, and naturally to students from college (secondary education) to higher education (university level)

I have included the widget at the foot of my blog. There are external links in this post.

The examples I used are: What is the meaning of the French word and Filou ? First, I found the equivalence in French as:

escroc, voleur, arnaqueur [familier], faiseur, aigrefin.
I then found the translation as:

(rogue, swindler, cheat (tricheur).

The definition given is:
Voleur qui emploie l'adresse.

But I had to translate this myself:
“He’s a thief but he’s a gentleman” can’t reminder the music to that well known song.
This could also be a tribute to Paul Newman in “The Sting” or in French “L’Arnaque” cf. above.

Vrai filou. (parfois amicale amused when used to descibe a child)
Now to tackle Elementary Higher level French:
ARCANDIER pronounced roughly “Ark – en – di - yeh“

This rather beautiful expression from rural language much used locally in our region of France “La Nièvre, Dept 58) describes “someone –poorly qualified - who tries hard, but does a poor job” Not a lazy person.

“un arcandier était un touche-à-tout, mais peu qualifié, un ouvrier qui peine pour faire du mauvais travail. “
Link for Advanced French Students and Expats

For amateurs of the famous local white wines Sancerre and Pouilly who read French
Link at Pouilly-sur-Loire..

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