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Thursday, 24 April 2008

Primo Levi, Chemist, his peom "The Survivor"

"The Survivor", poem by Primo Levi, who trained as a scientist and chemist[Biography].

(cf. previous post on same theme "Wednesday, 12 March 2008
Tribute to Lazare Ponticelli & to those who survived or tried to survive WWI
Lazare Ponticelli, was the longest and last French surviver of the "Great War" The 1st World War (WWI) Lazard died today. A short well documented tribute to Lazard was published by The Economist. )

The Survivor

Once more he sees his companions' faces
Livid in the first faint light,
Gray with cement dust,
Nebulous in the mist,
Tinged with death in their uneasy sleep.
At night, under the heavy burden
Of their dreams, their jaws move,
Chewing a non-existant turnip.
'Stand back, leave me alone, submerged people,
Go away. I haven't dispossessed anyone,
Haven't usurped anyone's bread.
No one died in my place. No one.
Go back into your mist.
It's not my fault if I live and breathe,
Eat, drink, sleep and put on clothes.'

by Primo Levi

Primo Levi's peom The-survivor/ and ebook Pdf-The Survivot & Other poems by Primo Levi.

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